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Cam233.com | Africa’s First Adult Cam Networkcam233.com

Sometimes you just need a little special something to make your arousal more heightened and that means going for some live cam chat. That personal touch of seeing a girl and intermingling with your moisture through web cam sex will drive you over the edge and straight into a satisfying completion.

Introducing Cam233.com, Africa’s First Adult Cam Network. You can check out and chat with Ghanaian, Nigerian & South African cam models live in action. Surprisingly, for countries such as Ghana and Nigeria especially which are deeply religious — and split along Christian and Islamic lines, the crave for sex tapes and nudes are at an all-time high. I had a little whatsapp chat with an anonymous spokesperson and he said “Cam233.com is here to satisfy that crave”

Basically most people are hypocrites, he added. They condemn pornography publicly and turn around to watch and download it privately in the comfort of their homes. Everybody has a secret. Everybody has a closet. Cam233.com can be your secret. Your closet.

Why show your skin for free on social media when you could get paid weekly for it? Why sleep around with strange people when you could sit in the comfort of your home or hostel, chat with subscribers online and get paid?

Upon entering Cam233.com the site brought me directly to the home page which has profiles of some of the cam models and a promotional video of what to expect. The website is simple to navigate, straight to the point and you receive 100 free tokens to watch any model of your choice when you sign up. This is going to create job opportunities for all the naughty African girls out there – girls who show their skin for free on Snapchat or Facebook can sign up as cam models and get paid. Though the cam models are not always online, you can browse through their profiles and it does give you a good opportunity to go and look to see who you might be interested in watching later on. Private video chat is available on a per minute basis. You can chat privately with some models for as little as a 1,000 tokens a minute

I asked the anonymous spokesperson about safety and he assured me that it is a top priority of their website to keep the identity of the cam models safe. Buying tokens is easy. You buy tokens from the Cam233.com/shop and your subscriber account gets credited within 5 minutes. Currently he said, the site accepts payments from only Ghana and in the coming days Nigeria but in the coming weeks, payments will be accepted from all 53 African countries. 

Any challenges so far? He answered with this, “getting the female cam models is a bit challenging. Girls contact us all the time but its either they do not have laptops they can work with or they are concerned about their identity leaking sort of. To this we say that “Its important that every cam model owns a face mask. Its an important condition before you sign up. And we encourage them and make them feel safe. Another thing is girls feel they won’t get paid. That is not true, you will be paid based on the number of people who watch you and how much time they spend watching you. The site does the calculations automatically and your earnings appear in your performer dashboard. 

This is the first of its kind to hit the African Adult Market. Enjoy!

Cam233.com social media handles
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Cam233live
Twitter: www.twitter.com/Cam233Africa
Whatsapp: +233-559-416-802

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